Inspiration for your decor colour palette

Inspiration for your decor colour palette

Floral print inspired colour palette1

Forget that green and orange combo

Nothing seems more daunting once you’ve decided to put some decorating effort into your living space than not knowing where to start. Right? It doesn’t get any easier when you go online seeking guidance and all you find is jargon on the colour wheel and tales of analogous colours and their cousin complementary colours. All this makes a seemingly simple task look like rocket science.

Out of despair, the only sane thing to do, save from throwing colour everywhere hoping something sticks, is seeking professional guidance. Kenya isn’t short of interior designers. They’re everywhere. They’re talented, very. The only issue I have with them is that they seem to have one rule which they follow with their lives; Paint everything Green and orange! Seriously! This seems to be the only colour palette permissible in Kenya and quite frankly it’s grown old.

I had previously shared a simple way to pick your wall colour and in this post I take you step by step through the method I used to pick my colour scheme right from the start.Continue reading