DIY Painted cardboard storage box*

DIY Painted cardboard storage box*

DIY storage - painted cardboard


Oh my Geometry!

Can a girl ever have enough storage? We seem to be up to our necks in stuff most of the time. For me personally getting chic storage is an insatiable need I have. So far on the blog I’ve shared this post on jewelry on jewelry storage boxes and this wire laundry basket. This is the third diy storage post and I absolutely love how this painted cardboard storage box turned out.

I needed some extra storage but I didn’t want to build anything tedious so I opted for this easy super fast way of turning a plain boring cardboard box into a chic storage solution.

I picked up this box at Nakumatt Lifestyle in town. You’ve seen these boxes.. Look familiar?

DIY storage - painted cardboard before

This box was best for this project because of the lid design, I didn’t want an open box for this. You can still create this storage box using an open cardboard box if that’s what you have.

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  • A cardboard box
  • Base paint – Main paint colour for your box { I used Aspen blue silk emulsion, leftover from my banquette makeover}
  • Accent paint – The paints to use for different parts of your stencil
  • Your stencil – See the step by step method you can use to create your own stencil
  • Paint brushes
  • push pins

DIY storage - painted cardboard supplies


I started by painting the lid of the box first. I wasn’t very sure how to go about painting a cardboard box with water based silk paint so I wanted to make my mistakes before I got to the body of the box. Makes sense?

Quick tip when painting cardboard with water based paints…

If there is too much water in your paint, it will get absorbed by the cardboard and some bubbling in the cardboard will occur. To avoid this, apply the paint straight from the can without adding any water.

I painted 2 coats of the base paint on the cardboard box allowing sufficient drying time between coats, obviously..

To find the right placement for my geometric pattern I marked the center of the box using this ancient method right here.

DIY storage - painted cardboard box

I used a piece of string with a knot on one end. I  held the knot on one end of the box and stretched the string to the other  of the box then marked this end point on the string.

I then folded the string in half holding the end mark against the knot and marked the center of the string. Finally I put the knot back at the end of the box and transferred the center point from the string to the box.

I placed the stencil in place by offsetting about an 10 mm from the centre and secured it with push pins.

I then started painting the accent colours for the decorative geometric design.

DIY storage - painted cardboard paint 1

For the gold part, I used crown paints Gold Metallica. This is the first coat. I added a second coat as you will see later on.

DIY storage - painted cardboard paint 2 This blush pink colour is actually from the aspen blue silk paint I used to paint the box then tinted with a little of my fevicryl acrylic craft paint.

DIY storage - painted cardboard paint 3

For a bold pop of colour, I used this fevicryl  acrylic paint.. I love how vibrant this colour is.

DIY storage - painted cardboard paint 4

I went over the first coat of the Gold Metallica with a second coat and got some coverage that looked good enough.

I took off the stencil after painting and was very pleased with the results.  Could’ve needed some touch up but I wasn’t worried about that.

DIY storage - painted cardboard paint 5

I flipped the stencil for the second part just to get some of that good drama in there..

DIY storage - painted cardboard paint 6

I didn’t paint the other sides, just the front side and that was enough for me. You can paint the other sides if that’s what’s you prefer.

DIY storage - painted cardboard storage

DIY storage - painted cardboard

So anyway, how simple was that? Has there ever been an easier way to get such chic storage? Oh, and I absolutely love dressing up my potted plants in traditional African baskets, do you like?

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Leave a comment below and let me know if you like my cardboard storage box. Does it look like a cardboard box? What would you do different? Let me know.


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  1. Wow! This is such a cool idea, and DIY storage pieces are the best. ou can’t really tell it’s a cardboard.

    My problem with this box is that it gets worn out but creative nonetheless

  2. Hey,
    This is so pretty. It turned out great.
    Do you have any blog post on wall hangings, DIY’s, Picture frames etc. I have a very empty wall that needs life.

  3. So true! There is never enough storage!
    That box turned out very nicely. I like the print too. Great instructions and pics.

    Mercy@ Meruti

  4. This is so easy and creative Wangu, I Love it. Art is always beautiful and this truly art.

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