DIY jewelry on jewelry storage boxes*

DIY jewelry on jewelry storage boxes*

DIY storage boxes-jewelry on jewelry boxes

Shoe boxes, earrings and crepe paper! who knew?!

I believe storage boxes are important for two reasons, one; they provide an out of sight place to store all those pesky little items that clutter your space, and two If they’re pretty enough they can double up as beautiful decor items.

The last time I did a storage solution post was this simple laundry baskets and some of the comments I got there assured me that I wasn’t the only one with a storage problem.

Here’s all you need to know for this simple project…

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  • Shoe boxes
  • Crepe paper
  • glue
  • sponge applicator
  • earrings

I used two kids of crepe paper, gold and silver toned, both with a matte metallic luster.

The first step is to cover the shoe box with the paper. I used ponal wood glue since this is what I had on hand. Applying paper on boxes is nothing new so I didn’t do a step by step tutorial for this, just a general outline of the steps taken.

DIY storage- Shoe box covered in crepe paper

Once all covered, you will need some interesting metal detail to adorn the front of your storage box. This is where the earrings come in. There are plenty of designs to choose from in the market so pick a design that fits your imagination.

I used the same ponal glue to fix the earrings.

DIY storage - earrings

DIY storage - earrings on box



Tip: If using the same glue I used, please work in a well ventilated area

For a shiny finish, the crepe paper is rather matte, you can apply a thin coat of ponal glue over the box. It goes on white but dries clear.

Pretty simple right? I told you…


DIY storage - clock


You probably notice that the surface here is covered using newspapers.. do you? That’s because this bar cart is badly in need of a makeover. The surface underneath that is terrible so this will do for now.


I have been wondering how to upgrade it and I keep thinking of getting a mirror cut to size and fitting it there. I think it would look pretty cool only problem is how to transport the mirror without breaking it. Any tips? Also this is the same bar cart in this post with my laundry organiser.

One Other Idea I have in mind is covering it with leather like in my last table makeover and so far that is a very appealing solution because I already have the supplies needed. Check out how the table turned out and let me know if it’s a good idea.

And that clock boy do I love it! I have a whole story about it but that is for another day. I still haven’t put batteries in it so it’s set to whatever time you see there.



diy z gallerie ming inspired boxes


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  1. I’m big on storage boxes,even when i have nothing to store! love this :) Haven’t used crepe paper before though,,where can i get them?

    • Hi Grace, thanks.

      I got the crepe paper from Text book centre. You can get some pretty awesome supplies there.

  2. amazing, i am new, love your blog been through all posts sai :)

  3. I am so loving your blog.

  4. Awesome idea! We’re working on our office/craft room right now, so I’ll definitely have to consider this!

  5. Love your blog,so creative
    Do you mind sharing pics of the box inside
    Do you partition it?

    • Thank you Yvonne.

      I will update the post and include pictures of the inside. As they are, they are not partitioned but I could do some partitioning in the update.

      Thanks for the idea.

  6. Haven’t been on your blog before but I think I’m about to become a frequent visitor :). Was just thinking of a jewelry box this morning.
    Where can I get the glue and what other glue can I use if I don’t get ponal?

  7. Extremely creative idea! Your box is fabulous and very elegant. I am not sure if I can make it so well, but I will try for sure. Best regards

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