DIY Stencil – Geometric pattern

DIY Stencil – Geometric pattern

DIY Stencil - Geometric patternDIY Stencil – Geometric pattern

Nothing beats painting when it comes to makeovers and transformations, but a flat coat of paint can be so plain Jane. Add a little bit of creativity in the way you paint and now you’re onto something.  Stenciling is a simple way to have a lot of visual impact. I’ve also glued jewelry on my storage boxes with fabulous results.

I had this cardboard storage box that was in need of some colour. I gave it a funky paint job and love the way it turned out. I wasn’t sure what to paint on it but I knew I wanted a geometric pattern. Try looking for a geometric printable stencil online and you will quickly realise how frustrating it can be especially if you are looking for a free one.

This is the step by step process I used to come up with my pattern.DesignELement - post dividerInspiration

Inspiration is all around us, sometimes it can come from the places we least expect.

The inspiration for this stencil came from a painting I saw in a restaurant called Casual bites in Westlands. {Side note: This place has some really cool afro fun decor, check it out if you can}. The painting had triangluar and curvy shapes and ever since then I had triangles and circles clashing in my head.

Inspiration painting

{sorry for the less than perfect picture}

Motif orignination

I needed to put what was in my head before my eyes so that I could see what I was working with. I did a few sketches of triangular shapes and circular shapes untill I found a combination that looked like a winner.

{At this point it would be a good idea to paint the motif in the colours of your choice to see if you would like what they looked like together}

I painted out my sketch motif and I liked the combination.

DIY Stencil - Geometric pattern 1

Template and stencil generation.

Once satisfied with the general design of the stencil, I prepared a proper drawing of the motif marking areas that needed to be cut out. This became my template.

I wanted to keep the template in case I needed to use the same motif in future. To make the stencil for my project, I traced the design off my template on cardstock and cut out areas that needed to be cut.

DIY Stencil - template

The cardstock option is fine if you will not be repeating your pattern many times as it can become wet with continued use.

DIY Stencil - Geometric pattern 3

That’s it. Simple, right?

I’m pretty sure I will be reusing this design on another project in future. What do you think about stenciling?

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  1. Is the stencil Manila? What type of paints did you use?

    • Hi DEb :D
      I made the stencil from embossed paper, basically cardstock.
      I used acrylic paint and water based silk vinyl. The kind used for painting houses.

  2. So much creativity over there. I love the end product. Great post babe!!

  3. You are soo creative.. it inspires me. Weldone

    Merry Christmas
    Tega Enai

  4. Stencils! You’re right, add bit of pizazz to a plain wall or thing! Ill definitely try it out! Question is how much of repainting can the yardstick withstand?

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