DIY laundry wire basket *

DIY laundry wire basket *

3 DIY laundry wire basket

Keep your dirty linen private!

It’s disturbing how clutter can build up in a space in a seemingly short period of time. I call it the phenomenon of unending clutter. We struggle with dirty laundry which litters the floor, gets piled up in a corner or on the edge of the bed. This makes a space look  muddled and untidy.  Figuring out a functional yet stylish storage for this becomes a challenge. Baskets offer a good storage solution. I will show you how I made this beautiful wire basket that you can use in your home to store up just about anything that you need tucked  away.


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How to make a wire basket


  • Wire mesh (4 ft by 2 ft)
  • Cutting tool (hacksaw or pliers)
  • Three strand braided Sisal rope (4 pieces, 3 meters long)
  • Black paint

I cut my wire mesh as shown below. I cut three pieces; one was 15 squares by 6 squares and the other two were 7 squares by 4 squares. The two smaller pieces will be attached to the sides of the basket.

1 Cutting wire mesh

To cut the mesh using a hacksaw, make notches where you want to cut then fold the mesh and the pieces will break off.

Fold the bigger piece along the 15 squares side. Fold at 4 squares and after the next 7 squares to form a ‘u’ shape.

Next, move to a well ventilated space for the paint job. Spread newspapers on a flat surface to catch any paint drops. I would advise painting your mesh black as it forms a strong but neutral base that contrasts well with the sisal rope. It will be visible but not distracting. I painted one coat then I let it dry overnight.

To join the two sides to the wire basket, I used three strand braided sisal rope. The rope comes in pieces of about 3 meters and one is enough to go through one full side from one face, through the bottom to the other face.

Take one smaller piece of the mesh and place it in alignment with the bigger ‘u’ shaped mesh on one open side. Pay attention to the vertical and horizontal wires of the mesh to maintain consistency between the wires on the outside and the inside.

Now fold about one square length of the rope over the edge then start wrapping the two vertical wires along the edge with the rest of the rope. Keep wrapping taking care to cover all joints as you go.

Once you get to the other end, fasten with a knot. Cut off any excess rope that’s more than one square’s length when folded back down.Repeat this process for the other side.


2 How to make a wire basketKeep your dirty linen private.


The next step is to add the rope detail along the front of the basket which is the side that you finished off wrapping the rope from the joint.

Take the excess rope and fold it downwards towards the first square. Secure one end of a new piece of rope around the edge at the bottom of the first row square. This should secure the folded excess rope bit as well. Now weave the free end of the rope in and out around the wires back and forth from side to side. I used two ropes for this part.

At the top of your basket, wrap the rope over the top wire covering any jagged vertical wire edges as you go. The final step is to trim off the frayed sisal fibers along the joints and in the front of the basket to achieve a neat finish. This is what the front part looks like finished.


3 DIY laundry wire basket



  • You can place this basket in an open shelf, in your wardrobe, under your bed or in a corner.
  • Safety first: Use protective gloves when cutting the wire mesh to avoid injury.
  • You can request your hardware attendant to cut your wire mesh to size.
  • To ensure a neat finish, keep your rope taut at all times as you weave.

Do you ever get storage issues around your house? This DIY project would make a great difference in keeping things tidy around the house. The basket is pretty big and would fit a lot of stuff. If you wish to go the extra mile, you can dress it up with a linen cover.

If you are beginner DIY-er you should definitely download a copy of my free ebook where I give a bunch of tips and demystify common myths.

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  1. This is a very cool idea! I agree, little piles in a room makes a space really unpleasant to be in. We have been down one dresser and so there has been piles for over a month…I finally got a new dresser in and the piles are gone and my space feels lovely again! I want to give this basket a try, it’s really nice and pretty!

    • Thank you Heather, Those little unsightly piles do make you appreciate storage space a whole lot!
      I would love to see how your baskets turn out!

  2. Wangu,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I love your DiY wire laundry basket! We have several homemade wire baskets that we use to hold pantry items and art supplies but I never even considered using one for the laundry. Thank you for the inspiration! In fact I do believe this would be the ideal container for all the mismatched socks we seem to accumulate in our house.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I like your creativity. The basket is cute.

  4. new reader your blog.can’t believe you make these stuff.amazing

  5. Lord!! this is amaizing!

  6. my oh my… are my new found best friend .Am a diy enthusiast and i have never met someone like me in kenya.Am so happy to meet u n ur awesome blog…….

    • Thank you Eve.. Besties indeed, like two peas in a pod!
      Feel free to share the blog with your friends :-) Thanks for dropping by

  7. *giggles* I love it!!!I was inspired by your plan and dceided it was time for me to go on another strike. So far… the house is still trashed. But I’m just sitting here, staring at my screen, pretending I don’t notice. =D

  8. I don’t evfen know how I ended up here, but I thought this post
    was great. I do not know who youu are but certainly you are going too a famous blogger if
    you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

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