Bring Your Bathroom into 2018 with these Remodel Trends

The home improvement to-do list is typically a running list with the finish line looming ever on the horizon. At some point on the list, you’ll reach the bathroom remodelling phase. The bathroom is a sanctuary of sorts, and an outdated bathroom can create an outdated feel for the entire home, thus underscoring the importance of a timeless feel. Whether you are looking for a simple update or a total remodel, there are several trends that can bring your bathroom into 2018.

Remodeling with a trend in mind isn’t always a homeowner’s initial reaction when planning a bathroom renovation. Trends change, yes, but there are a lot of fun interior decorating ideas that can make a renovation feel timeless when done well. The design trends of 2018 are especially fun if you are looking to make your porcelain throne room a place where you’ll want to spend more time.

Floating Vanity

Image Credit (Bathroom Renovations Northern Beaches)

Out of sight, out of mind is the idea when creating a floating vanity. This trend involves tucking away visible plumbing and other external sink parts. It can also mean hiding it behind stone, wood, or another simple material. This creates a visually clear space, rendering a clean and modern feel.

This trend is also useful. It can open up floor space, providing more square footage to show off the meticulously chosen tile or other flooring. A floating vanity can also help a small bathroom space feel more open, which can be beneficial in certain bathroom layouts.

Freestanding Bathtub

Image Credit (NRA Constructions Bathroom Renovations)

This trend is a little bit of history repeating itself. A freestanding bathtub creates a focal point in the bathroom. The focus on the bathtub can create an alluring effect, drawing people in and inspiring a more relaxing approach to bath time.

This remodel choice can be a bit pricy due to the logistical elements. Between the plumbing and standalone bathtub, you really need to be committed to this look.

Gold & Brass Tone Fixtures

For a twist of dimension and luxury, brass and gold tones are becoming the renovators fixture scheme of choice. The warmer accents are in direct contrast to the traditional polished silver and chrome look. The modern and sleek feel has been traded in for a more classical look.

Fixtures of brass and gold tones also hide fingerprints and water spots. This is an added bonus to any family looking to update their bathroom space. The warm tones are excellent accent pieces and can nicely complement different light fixtures, mirrors, and other hardware.

Mix of Tiles

Another trend is mixing and matching different tile choices in the bathroom space. The year 2018 is the time to explore different textures, patterns, and colors brought together in one space. Bathroom renovations are consistently finding new creativity with tile choice. The mix of choices serve to create distinguished areas within the space and provide a way to add focal points as well.

While color-blocking different tiles is a major trend, another approach is to mix tile texture and patterns while maintaining the same color scheme. This is a great way to delineate space without creating a busied look.