Hide ugly wall fixtures with Canvas Art

Hide ugly wall fixtures with Canvas Art

Wall art over fixture When everything falls in place…

You see that there? That’s my bathroom door. It’s a sliding door.

There’s a power socket underneath the art. It’s connected to my suicide shower. Now let me tell you why I want to find whoever designed this space and strangle him… {pretty sure it’s a dude }

Study the situation going on in the picture below. That’s what the space looked like before I touched it.

Hide ugly wall fixtures with Canvas Art

First of all it’s the wrong colour. This paint is awful, so awful I have no words for it. I have been thinking about repainting this little nook into a shade that would be more appealing to my sight, but that’s a project for another day.

Before moving in, I had been to the house to check it out. Interestingly, the bathroom door was always open, concealing this space. It wasn’t until you’d slide shut the door that you would realise this awkwardly placed power switch. Enough to make your intestines turn but not quite the deal breaker. Or so you assume.

As soon as I had moved in, I realised how inconvenient this awkward switch would be. Should I illustrate? Come take a shower with me.. well, not quite but imagine with me here. You get into the bathroom and proceed to turn on the shower, but then you have to switch the power on to get hot water, which means you have to get out of the bathroom and slide the door closed in order to access the switch. But first you have to put your clothes back on..

It gets better, you get back in the bathroom and do whatever took you there and in a couple of minutes you’re done. Now you’ve got to turn off the shower. You can’t do that just yet because you have to first switch off the power.. {You know how suicide showers work, if you turn off the water before switching off the power you risk burning out your heating element..} So you reach for your towel / robe / dirty shirt or whatever, get out of the shower, close the door, switch off the power, open the door, get back in the shower and dry off properly or finish up  whatever makes up your routine.

See how annoying that can be? yeah? We can take turns strangling the damn designer..

Seriously though, on a less violent note, you don’t have to deal with unsightly wall fixtures like my awkward power switch. You can cover them up with pretty art. Here’s how my process went.

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  • Suitable wall art
  • Hanging mechanism – I used hooks

Wall art over fixture - supplies

I love this canvas painting with the beautiful African women. If you’ve read a few other posts you know I’m all about that Afro home decor.

This piece was done for me by a friend of mine, you can check him out on his Facebook page: Ndiangs Art. I wasn’t too sure about all the orange at first but it gradually grew on me and I fell in love…

I wanted to hang the art in a way that it covered up the switch but at the same time in a way that allowed me easy access to the switch. I wasn’t ready to make my life more complicated. I held the art in position with its base just covering up the switch. This way, to access the switch, all I had to do was lift the canvas ever so slightly.

Holding this position and centering the piece in the space, I drew a line on the wall across the top of the canvas. I then measured the centre point of the art and transferred this point to the wall. This gave me an idea of where I would place the hook.

I measured the thickness of the wood frame on which the canvas art was mounted. Then measured this distance on the wall from the line marking the top of the canvas. This new point marked the position of the top of the hook where my framed canvas would rest. I then took my hook, peeled off the backing and placed it carefully observing both the center line and the offset distance from the top.

Wall art over fixture - mark out

The last step was to mount the art.

I’m pretty happy with the way the space turned out. It’s definitely taken my mind off painting the nook, I’m not sure for how long though. I’m also really glad I already had this piece. This just emphasizes even more my number one decorating rule, thou shall shop thy house!

Wall art over fixture - mount art

Now obviously this wouldn’t work if it affected the functionality of my sliding door, so I had to test it and wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t even cause a squeak! Now if that isn’t God’s favour I don’t know what is :)

Wall art over fixture - mark out

If you made it this far, you just read through approximately 900 words(!) You Are Awesome! and too patient honestly..lol

Would you like to see a bathroom tour next time?

Wall art over fixture


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Leave a comment below and let me know if you like the look of my little nook after the mini makeover. What would you do different? Would you like to see the inside of my bathroom?

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  1. The paint isn’t really that horrid lol,its easy on the eye. If it were my house I’d probably cover it with a calender.. Default settings hehe

  2. Hey girl this is absolutely lovely …Lord knows so many Kenyan homes have that suicide shower including mine :-P Thanks for the tip and that art is great !

  3. I am moving into my own apartment and I will totally use this idea. That painting is very beautiful though….love it!

  4. It turned out great,

  5. Very fine post, I certainly love this site, keep on it.

  6. Just Loved it..! The article looks fantastic and so very well deserved. I will definitely use these ideas.

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