Decorating with African Baskets

Decorating with African Baskets

African baskets Collage 3

You know the kiondo? That’s the one

Boy am I a big fan of African baskets.. I can’t help collecting them any time I spot some I like.

These baskets are so versatile, what’s not to love? Here are a few ways you can begin to introduce some of this Afro flair into your decor…

African baskets as wall Art


African baskets wall art


When propped against or hang on a wall, African baskets, in their beautiful woven patterns, make eclectic wall decor. The baskets can be bright and colourful for a pop of colour or they can be muted in earth tones for understated charm.

I got these trays, which are mostly used in west Africa, from Maasai market. This is a great place to get all sorts of Afro poping decor pieces.


African baskets wall art 2


I just cleared the Calabash gallery wall  for these Afro trays. I love how vibrant they are. Don’t you?


African baskets wall decoration

African basket tray for your table-scape set up

7 African basket corral


Next time you want to corral some decor items for your table-scape arrangement, swap out your shiny tray for an African basket. That’s what I did here. As you can see this table has held up pretty well since its coffee table makeover over a year ago..


7 African basket corral 2


African baskets for Storage


This particular basket is a favourite of mine. I keep some important documents in there plus stuff that I want easy access to. You might have seen this basket severally on the blog and most notably in the tutorial on how I used earrings to decorate a storage box

It is a modification of the Ethiopian messop. I got it a couple of years back at an African Art expo that I accidentally stumbled upon  at the Jeevan Jee gardens in town



8 African baskets for storage 2

African baskets for potted plants

African basket potted plant

I like to dress up my potted plants in baskets. This is a look I really like and quite frankly I think most African baskets are more visually appealing than most pots in the market. I wrote about how to dress up your flower pot with a basket in one of my earlier posts. Would you use your baskets in this way?

I got the green basket below from Kariokor market. I got two matching baskets and I absolutely love the pattern on them.

Potted plant basket

There are many more ways to incorporate African baskets into your decor. You can use them as waste baskets, laundry baskets or even tuck a large one in a corner in your living room and store your throw pillows and blankets in it. The possibilities can only be limited by your imagination. I hope this post gave you some cool ideas.


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Leave a comment below and let me know which of the uses of African baskets above most appeals to you? What would you do different?

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  1. Interesting. It looks so good, I wonder if anyone sells them online, otherwise I have to make time for maasai market.

    • Thanks Deb :D You can get some kiondos online on Jumia but to get a good variety you will have to shop around and keep collecting over time..

  2. Nice

  3. African baskets have been there since our grandparents’ time and I love that the modern ones are so decorated and lovely. These ones that you show cased are over the top!!

  4. my favourite is the African basket as a table scape set up. very interesting

  5. This is lovely, I never thought African baskets can look this adorable in the house. I challenge myself. Thanks to you!

  6. Nice home decor blog! all nice pictures.. Thanks for sharing

  7. Hi there, I log on to your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is
    witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

  8. I absolutely love the idea. I like the kiondo used for the potted plant and I have one like it. Any ideas on another way to use it? I live in a hostel and it would be tricky to have a plant.

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