About me

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At work

- At a local workshop way back in 2011

My name is Wangu ngunjiri. I am a Civil Engineer by day and a DIY Enthusiast the rest of the time. I love building things myself and there’s nothing that beats the feeling of getting a project done from scratch and seeing it finished just as I had visualised.

I enjoy uncoordinated dancing, lots of tea and a good Malcolm Gladwel book. I thank God for my life.

Why the name Pine cone shelf?

The idea for this blog was conceived in my mind in December 2013 around the holiday season. At the time I was obsessing over pine cones, such lovely knick knacks of nature. I tried to find a name that went well with pine cone and settled on shelf. That explains how the name Pine cone shelf came about.

Imagine a beautiful shelf with handsome pine cones on it, that’s what comes to my mind  when I think about this blog.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about decorating your home your way. Here you will find useful diy projects that you can replicate in your own home. I want this blog to inspire as many people as it can reach to get up and get decorating.

A beautiful home is the perfect backdrop for life.

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